A Single Concussion May Have Lasting Impact →

Gretchen Reynolds:

Young people who had experienced a single diagnosed concussion — which the researchers categorized as a mild traumatic brain injury — were much more likely than the nation’s general population and than their own siblings to be receiving medical disability payments as adults.

They also were significantly more likely to have sought mental health care and much less likely to have graduated from high school or to have attended college than their uninjured brother or sister.

And they were about twice as likely as an uninjured sibling to die prematurely.

When I was in 3rd grade I fell head first from the ladder of the 3 metres diving platform in our local pool and incurred a basal skull fracture.
For most of my life I’ve been asking myself if I would suffer of any consequences later in my life. Turns out: I might. But it’s more likely I won’t:

“The majority of individuals who had diagnoses of brain injury in our study did not experience adverse outcomes,” Dr. Fazel says.

For now, I’m feeling fine.

This simple hack boosted my productivity by 200%

Stop reading about productivity hacks all day. Sit down and get your work done. Take regular breaks, then keep on working. Do one Task at a time until you’re done. Yes, it’s hard, of course it’s hard, but you have to work to achieve something. Reading articles on productivity won’t make you more productive. Being productive will.

Don’t take this article as me being arrogant. It’s mostly a reminder for myself.

MegaQuiche Rising

Gestern redeten Timo und ich (endlich) mal wieder und nahmen das auf. Das Ergebnis findet sich oben.

Why The 8-Hour Workday Doesn’t Work – Forbes →

Mich beschäftig das Konzept eines Arbeitstages jetzt seit etwa vier Jahren und in jedem dieser Jahre wurde gefühlt mindestens ein Artikel geschrieben, laut dem ein 8-Stunden Arbeitstag nicht funktioniert (und vermutlich auch schon in allen Jahren davor, seit das Internet erfunden wurde). Tatsächlich ist diese ganze Idee also nicht wirklich neu. Außerdem bekomme ich immer Bauchschmerzen, wenn sich ein Artikel auf “eine neue Studie” stützt, die dann aber nicht verlinkt wird.

Service Feature: Die “Studie” kommt übrigens von der Draugiem Group und den Daten aus einer ihrer Apps. Sie ist von 2014, hier ist der Link.

Was in diesem Artikel angesprochen wird klingt aber durchaus sinnvoll:

The eight-hour workday was created during the industrial revolution as an effort to cut down on the number of hours of manual labor that workers were forced to endure on the factory floor. This breakthrough was a more humane approach to work 200 years ago, yet it possesses little relevance for us today.

Auch das ist aber keine bahnbrechende Weltneuheit. Warum ich diesen Artikel hier erwähne (obwohl er mich offenbar nicht sonderlich beeindruckt) ist aber das hier:

The ideal work-to-break ratio was 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest.

Das probiere ich seit ein paar Tagen aus und es funktioniert recht gut. Ich habe bisher drei oder vier mal versucht, mit der Pomodoro-Technik zu arbeiten, fand die pausen im Verhältnis zur Arbeitszeit aber immer etwas kurz. Mit den längeren Chunks klappt das deutlich besser.

Neues Setup: Links Arbeit, rechts Vergnügen

Setup in June 16

Gestern kaufte ich einen zweiten Schreibtisch, um ein paar Setup-Probleme zu lösen und ein bisschen mehr Ordnung in mein Zimmer zu bringen.

Das Problem war, dass mein Windows-Rechner (den ich zum spielen nutze) immer nur teilweise aufgebaut und im Linken Schrank meines Schreibtisches verstaut war. Wenn ich ihn benutzen wollte, musste ich alle Eingabegeräte aus dem Schrank kramen und alles, was an mein MacBook angeschlossen war irgendwo anders hin schieben. Das war nervig. Außerdem wurde der Rechner unten im Schrank wirklich schlecht belüftet und wurde schnell sehr warm.

Ich hoffe, das alle jetzt mit dem zweiten Schreibtisch gelöst zu haben. Der Schreibtisch kommt für 20€ von Ikea, und das merkt man auch. Nicht super stabil, aber schön schlicht und zum testen des Setups erstmal in Ordnung. Außerdem kostet er nur 20€! Ich rechne ab jetzt alles nur noch in Schreibtischen. Wusstet ihr zum Beispiel, dass eine Packung Kaffee nur 1/4 Schreibtisch kostet?

Was mir noch fehlt ist irgendeine Halterung für die Kopfhörer und ein Platz, an dem ich meinen Xbox-Controller lagern kann, der liegt momentan noch im Schrank. Außerdem muss ich mich ein bisschen um das Kabelmanagement kümmern, das ist momentan nämlich (außer der unter dem Tisch befestigten Mehrfachsteckdose) nicht vorhanden.
Optional wären dann noch eine Mouse Mat, die nicht lächerlich aussieht, und eine kleinere Tastatur schön. Da liegt momentan noch die riesige (und laute) Cherry MX3000.


I feel like my life can be divided in two sections: Sprints and pauses to breathe.
A sprint usually starts with a somewhat big project. Then, after a short while some other, smaller projects start to pile up on the big one. In a sprint, I often feel like I cannot manage all the stuff that’s to be done, which most of the time is not true and just a distorted image of the reality build by my weird brain.
I recently tweeted this article out, in which that disortion is defined pretty well:

Which, of course, makes me realize that much of my effort apparently wasn’t effort at all, but just ineffective stress added on top of something to make it feel like I’m doing the best I can.

After the sprint is done, the pause to breathe follows. It’s that point where, from one day to another, all the things are done. No more stress, no things running around in my head. Actual free time.

In the last three years, all sprints basically started with the beginning of a new semester. That’s the big project (usually lasting about 3-5 months). Then, there are all the other small things adding to it: Work at the university (that naturally starts with the new semester), projects for the Agency, some private projects.
The sprint ends with the exams at the end of the semester. Breathe, one or more weeks. Towards the end of the holiday, there are exams again. Sprint. After those exams, breathe. Three to seven days. Then the next semester comes up and I’m back to a sprint.

Two observations about the pauses to breathe:
First, from semester to semester, those pauses have become shorter and shorter. On one hand, because the later semesters are more packed with projects, on the other hand because I started working and that’s, well, additional workload.
As of today, the pause to breathe could have been four days, if I wanted it to be that long and really cut off some things.

Second: I can stand this pauses less and less. Two years ago, I really enjoyed doing literally nothing for two weeks. Nowadays, I can’t stand the idea to do nothing for longer than a day.
Today, I got up at nine and did nothing until now, and I hate it. I almost have a feel of guilt for wasting so much time. I think that’s a good thing. I seem to have found something I like to do so much that it gets more valuable than free time. And people pay me for doing it. I really appreciate that!

Voyage to Nowhere: The Amazon Kindle Story — CGP Grey →

At Kindle design headquarters there should be a whiteboard with ‘Does this feature make reading better?’ at the top.  Instead Amazon is trying to make the Kindle into an iPad-like tablet rather than making a speciality device “passionately crafted for readers”.

I never really thought about it, but the Kindle really isn’t that great of a product.

Sure, the technology behind the e-ink display is great and makes reading very comfortable, almost like a real book. But when it comes down to product design, it fails in so many areas for trying to be an device purely for reading.

Today, 21.09.2015

I’ve heard from several people that they sit down in the morning to write down several things. What they are grateful for, what they want to accomplish on that day and so on. I didn’t really do much reading on this topic, but I’m just going to write down the mein goal I want to accomplish today. I’ll do that here because why not?

1. Finish two chapters in my HCI Book
The exam will take place next Tuesday and I need to get through with all the topics. Finishing means reading, understanding and taking notes.
Did finish both chapters, but miscalculated the time a little. Thought more about 4 hours, actually took 10.

2. Push the faculty’s new design
I’ll need to find a better solution for the posters, the old one looked cool in concept, but didn’t really work that well in practice.
Because of my miscalculations, I only could analyse what was weak about the earlier concepts and formulate new needs for the updated concept. It’s something, at least.

3. Write at least 10 Tweets
I’d like to use twitter even more and since I don’t write whole texts so often anymore, I should at least write some shorter ones, shouldn’t I?
Yup, done.

4. Don’t play CounterStrike
Really, don’t! It’ll be kind of fun while playing, but afterwards you just regret all the time you wasted. Read a book or write something instead.
Done too.

I will edit this post in the evening, with some thoughts on the goals and if I completed them.
Edited this at 8:22pm. I’d write more but theres a whole lot of people in my room right now and it’s kind of hard to concentrate. ¯\ (ツ)

Samstag Nacht, gegen 23 Uhr fuhren Jane und ich an eine Talsperre, wie man das so macht. Das ganze hatte den Hintergrund, dass es eine klare Nacht war, an der Talsperre nachts sehr dunkel ist und man ergo viele Sterne sehen kann.
Unter Umständen hatte ich meine Kamera dabei und hab aus Versehen ein paar Fotos gemacht. Ups.

_DSC0102 (Ich habe noch mehr, möchte aber nicht alle in einen Post packen.)

Rough Draft – Sharing

Clarification: I own a decent amount of notebooks. I write down all sorts of things in these Notebooks: Meeting notes, random thoughts, ToDos, stuff I need to remember and so on. And sometimes, I write down Ideas in these Notebooks. Mostly pretty rough ideas with a minimum amount of time put into them. Things that come across my mind over the day.
Most of these Ideas (you could say all) stay just that: Quick thoughts in a Notebook, set up to get dusty and forgotten. I don’t like that Idea. I want to put those Ideas out there. For no special reason. I know, that an Idea is the easiest part in the process of creating and the execution is what demands effort. But it just feels better to have those Ideas out in the world than to have them in a notebook where they probably will never be read again.

Beneath my MacBook, I own a bunch of different devices. Sometimes I encounter situations where I need to share small chunks of information between these devices (mostly between my MacBook and a mobile device). I’m talking real small chunks of information here, like small strings. Let me put this in an real life example:
The other day I was working on a project that was set up with BrowserSync. BrowserSync is pretty cool, you can easily take a look at locally hosted websites from other devices via an IP-Adress. What I wanted to to in particular was to take a look at the locally hosted page from my phone, which forced me to open the IP-Adress BrowserSync showed me on my Computer from my Phone. What I had to do was to copy that IP-Adress by hand which is a pain in the ass (IP-Addresses are built like in case you have never seen one).

It would be so much easier if I could tell my Computer that I wanted that small chunk of information on my Phone. And I want to be able to do that without opening an App on my Computer and then again on my Phone, to actually save me time. I could send this Address via Mail to myself, but opening the mail app on my Computer, writing the Mail, waiting for it to be sent and then opening the mail app on my phone would actually cost me time.
No, I just want to select the Address, right click, send it to my phone and there receive a notification I can click to copy that string to my clipboard.